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William L. Rush, author and journalist

Journey Out of Silence: Second Edition
A book by William L. Rush

Reviews of the First Edition:
". . . a 'don't miss' book. Bill accepts the things he cannot change and changes the things he can. Excellent!"
---J.M. Storrs, Editor, Horizons Newspaper

"Inspirational! Excellent positive approach to daily living problems."
---Patricia M. Johnson, A Positive Approach Magazine

"... a quality book about an unusual subject. It will bring tears to your eyes."
---Dr. Otis Young, KUCV Public Radio

William (Bill) L. Rush chronicled his extraordinary life from childhood until graduation with distinction from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in Journey Out of Silence, first published in 1986 by Media Productions and Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Two printings sold out in the early 1990's. Used copies have been in continuous demand for over a decade. Journey Out of Silence has been sorely lacking in its availability for far too long. This second edition brings Bill.s exceptional story back into print.

Bill's Journey is as relevant today as it was when first published, before the 1990 passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States of America. This landmark federal disability rights legislation was passed to guarantee equal access to society under the law. However, many Americans with disabilities struggle even today, almost two decades later, for any access to society, let alone equal access. Bill's achievement of attaining his college degree will encourage generations of Americans with disabilities who will follow him, to strive for their own place in American society. It will inspire all persons with disabilities the world over to work to find their place in their own societies.

William L. Rush passed away on December 13, 2004. The State of Nebraska described William's death as follows within the memorial Legislative Resolution 33, "William Rush died at the age of forty-nine after succumbing to pneumonia but not to his disability." Bill is survived by his wife, Christine (Chris) F. Robinson.

Bill continued to chronicle his life's journey until he was no longer able to do so. His work is being compiled and expanded in Our Life Our Way by Bill's widow, Chris. This book is in process. An "Introduction to Our Life Our Way" is included at the end of this second edition of Journey Out of Silence.

Bill was a recognized leader in the disability rights movement on a local, state and national level. He worked in paid and volunteer capacities as a journalist, writer and activist. His passion was to support the disability rights movement through his gifts of writing and speaking. Having Journey Out of Silence back in print allows Bill to continue to be an incisive agent of change in the disability rights movement.

Bill's spirit of grass roots servant leadership within the disability rights movement is kept alive through his words in Journey Out of Silence and through his memorial. Nebraska Advocacy Services, The Center for Disability Rights, Law and Advocacy established the memorial to honor William L. Rush at the time of his death. Donations are used to develop leadership skills among Nebraskans who experience a disability. To continue Bill.s work in this practical way, please donate to the memory of William Rush at www.NebraskaAdvocacyServices.org on the "Give" page.

Anne Fadiman, formerly a staff writer for Life magazine, says in her preface, "The book you are about to read is a testament to all of Bill's qualities-- intelligence, anger, frustration, wit, sensitivity and guts. As a journalist, I find it an impressively professional piece of work... If you have a disability yourself, I hope Journey Out of Silence fires up your most extravagant ambitions... If you are able-bodied, I hope that Bill Rush will teach you, as he taught me, to look at people in wheelchairs as neither better nor worse, neither more admirable nor more pitiable, neither nobler nor weaker than the rest of us."

Buy Journey Out of Silence through Lulu.com through this link: Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
Journey Out of Silence is now available in all bookstores by special order, or order online from Barnes & Noble

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